Conveniently located in Londonderry, NH, Fuse Yoga & Fitness is a
boutique-style Yoga & Fitness facility.

We offer small group classes allowing for a more intimate yoga/fitness experience that includes
one-on-one personal guidance from our team of experienced teachers and trainers.  

Classes such as Yoga, Surf-Fit, JumpFit, Barre and Aerial Yoga are designed for all levels and abilities.  

At Fuse, we take pride in building a strong and friendly community of yogi's and fitness lovers alike.  

Now offering Fascial Fitness Training!

We hope you'll enter feeling welcomed and leave feeling inspired, challenged and part of our special family!


Two new classes at Fuse:

MetCon - (Wednesday's at 6:15pm pre-reg. required) - Taught by Danielle LeBlanc
MetCon stands for Metabolic Conditioning - this is a fast-paced workout completed in a short period of time (no more than 30 minutes) that challenges your cardiovascular capacity and puts your metabolism into overdrive so you burn more fat. You will perform repeated and/or high sustained exercises that usually involve weights (think dumbbells and kettlebells) and/or your own body weight with short rests in between. You will begin with a 3-5 minute warm up, followed by 20-30 minutes of Metabolic Conditioning and finish with a 5-7 minute stretch and cool down. Class is approx. 45 minutes in length. Each participant is encouraged to work within their own levels of fitness. This class produces fast results and is only recommended once per week....we encourage those who participate in MetCon Classes to add yoga and/or stretching into their fitness regime.

Movment Lab - Unlock Your Body's Potential! - (Thursday's at 6pm - pre-registration required) Taught by Nicole Detellis

Unlock your body's potential with our very own Movement Lab.  Each week we will focus on a different mobility-stretch class-style that is designed to help you become more flexible in body and mind.  You will feel more functionally mobile and also more capable to deal with the physical and mental demands of life. Part therapeutic part recovery this 1 hour class is a MUST to add to your yoga/fitness practice - helping to keep you injury free! Below are the descriptions of the styles of class we will explore:

Soma: the body as perceived from within. Learn to re-educate the body to move freely and painlessly. In this movement therapy class you will learn to unlock chronic pain and tension patterns in the body through gentle/mindful movements - all while comfortable on the floor. You will experience a flexibility and freedom and an profound sense of relaxation. 

PNF Stretching - (Proprioceptive Muscular Facilitation) is one of the most effective forms of flexibility training for increasing rage of motion.  Performed mostly seated and/or reclined, PNF stretching usually involves a 10 second push phase followed by a 10 second relaxation phase, repeated a few times.  

Fascial Stretch/Training - Many injuries are fascial (connective tissue) related and not muscular.  In fascial stretch/training we will train the fascia to prevent and repair damage, build elasticity and bring resilience back to the body.  We will explore the body's flexibility with different types of equipment including:  wooden dowels, Therabands, light dumbbells, balls and chairs.  This fascial training and stretch class will help restore your posture and function, steer small (movement) problems away from developing into big ones later in life, ease the long-term consequences from injury and extend functional movement as you age!

Now offering Fascial Fitness Training Sessions

One of only a few Advanced Certified Fascial Fitness Trainers in the United States, Nicole Detellis of Fuse Yoga & Fitness is now offering private and small group Fascial Fitness Training Sessions. 

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Besides techniques for fascia fitness training Nicole is an enthusiastic supporter of the increased use of active fascia training with clients of all age groups. She is currently a Certified Advanced Fascial Fitness Trainer. By the end of 2016 Nicole will have earned her Master Fascial Fitness Certification as well as her certification in Manual Fascia Therapy. Fascia training plays a vital role in preventing injuries and pain, maintaining youthful elasticity and resilience, increasing energy reserves (e.g. powerful, bouncy running style or high leaping ability), enabling faster recovery of the muscle-fascia unit.

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