Get Ready to Transform!

The 28 Day Total Transformation Challenge is NOT a diet! It's a new way of eating, exercising and coaching that will help you achieve your health and wellness goals for 2018!

Here's how it works:

Let's face it, diets are HARD and if you're like me, you've tried many different types of diets only to end up falling off the wagon, feeling worse about yourself than when you started and killing your metabolism in the process.  Why do diets usually fail?  After consulting with dietician's, clinicians and leaders in the fitness industry it's clear that the missing piece to creating the change you want is a Accountability.  And THAT's where we come in!  


Dietician Approved Meal Plans

We've done all the hard work for you and created 4 weeks of dietician approved meal plans for you to prepare at home.  These delicious and easy to make meals are designed to be healthy and satisfying.  We've also created an print-n-go grocery list to make shopping fast and easy.  

Complete Client Success Guide

Our Client Success Guide is your go-to guide to help you stay focused through the program.  This detailed but easy to understand guide provides you with all the tools you'll need to ROCK this Challenge, including how to personalize your plan, de-stress your life, how to handle cheat meals, supplements & swaps a complete exercise success guide and more.

Group & Individual* Coaching


It's all about accountability.  In addition to eating right and  exercising, a support system or Coach improves your compliance and helps you get through the rough times when you need the extra support and motivation.   Think of it like an insurance policy.  A coach will catch you when you fall and get you back on track quickly.  The 28 Day Total Body Transformation Challenge offers you group coaching through our private Facebook Page as well and daily check-in's via email, phone and text.  We want you to succeed!  You'll be a part of this amazing Tribe of Transformers, cheering you on, picking you up when you fall and helping you every step of the way!



Bronze Package - $127

Silver Package - $267 (Valued at $277) Save $10

Includes everything in the Bronze Package PLUS

  • 1 Private 45 minute Mindset Coaching Session w/Julia
  • 1 Private 45 minute Personal Training Session w/Nicole


Gold Package - $387 (valued at $407) Save $20

Includes everything in the Bronze Package PLUS

  • 2 Private 45 minute Mindset Coaching Sessions w/Jullia
  • 2 Private 45 Minute Personal Training Sessions w/Nicole
  • Group Coaching
  • Private Facebook Total Transformation Challenge Participant Page
  • 4 weeks of dietician approved meal plans
  • Creative & FUN workouts for in-studio (group classes) and at home - via FB or sent through email
  • Prin-n-Go Grocery Lists
  • Complete Client Success Manual
  • 67 Delicious & Easy-to-Make Recipes
  • Daily Motivational & Inspirational Emails &  Facebook Posts
  • Daily Check-in's via text, phone, emails
  • Dining Out Swap Guide
  • Goal Setting/Minfulness Coaching
  • Tape Measure
  • Special Journal
  • Challenge t-Shirt (on completion of the challenge)

Platinum Package - BEST DEAL - $687 (Valued at $807) Save $120

Includes everything in the Bronze Package PLUS

* 4 Private 1 HOUR Mindset Coaching Sessions w/Jullia

* 4 Private 1 HOUR Personal Training Sessions w/Nicole


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