Why Variation is Important to Your Workout


"Adaptation, people. Your body is the result of what you have done. Want a different body? Do something different." - Katy Bowman - Nutritious Movement

FINALLY.....You've found that unicorn (rare and elusive) yoga or fitness class that you absolutely LOVE participating in.  Maybe it's because of the results you see and feel in your body/mind.  Maybe it's the comradery you have with the other participants that relentlessly hold you accountable.  Maybe it's that much needed motivation you receive from the teacher/coach.  All GREAT reasons to keep up the good "work".  But what happens when you step out of your comfort zone (off your yoga mat) and try something a little different?  Much like being the "new kid" in school and walking into a classroom full of unfamiliar faces, tying a new yoga/fitness class can be a daunting proposition.  And although it may make you feel a little uneasy, trying a new class and adding it to your already awesome repertoire of exercise classes can be an exciting way to spice things up and see even BETTER results!

Varying your exercise routine can make exercise even MORE enjoyable.  A study published in Psychology & Health discovered that people who changed their routine reported more enjoyment participating in a "different" class than those who constantly participated in the same-style class week after week.  If you're a fitness geek who is drawn to high intensity classes, try a slower paced class like yoga or Pilates.  If you are more likely to step onto your yoga mat, try a higher intensity fitness class like METcon, MovUnlimited® or Circuit.  Keep in mind that "intensity" does not necessarily mean HIGH impact.  There are many classes that offer low to non-impact modifications that will get your heart and muscles pumping.  The same study also showed that those who participated in different styles of classes were more committed to working out regularly and we all know that commitment is a key aspect to a healthy body/mind.

Adding variety to your workout can also get you into better shape.  You can't do the same thing over and over (and over) and expect a different result (I'm channeling my inner Einstein here!).  When you participate in a different type of class you engage muscles that you might not have engaged in your "regular" routine.  Doing this helps to create a well-balanced body/mind.  When we repeat the same movements again and again, we can set our body up for repetitive stress injuries (RSI) that can take weeks if not months to heal from.  Variation is the key to prevent RSI.

Variating your workout can effect other aspects of your life even outside the Studio.  Stepping outside your comfort zone can enhance your personal life, inspire creativity, help you be more productive and not only keeps your body healthy but it keeps your brain healthy too.  By engaging important brain chemicals, speeding up thinking, and sharpening focus, changing up your routine can awaken curiosity and motivate you to seize life (and your workout!) by the horns!  

Belle Beth Cooper from Attendly's Head of Content says "There’s a region in our midbrain called the substantia nigra/ventral segmental area or SN/VTA. This is essentially the major “novelty center” of the brain, which responds to novel stimuli.

The SN/VTA is closely linked to areas of the brain called the hippocampus and the amygdala, both of which play large roles in learning and memory. The hippocampus compares stimuli against existing memories, while the amygdala responds to emotional stimuli and strengthens associated long-term memories.

It’s been thought before that novelty was a reward in itself, but, like dopamine, it seems to be more related to motivation."

Finally, trying a new style of yoga and/or fitness class can be FUN and is a great way to meet new people!  

So now it's YOUR turn....Fuse Yoga & Fitness offers the variety of classes you need to help keep you healthy, happy and motivated!  Check out our schedule at www.fuseyogafitness.com and try something new today!