Mobility training






Outdoor Bootcamp


Gentle/Beginner Yoga

A great place to start for beginners and also a great place to stay of you enjoy a slower practice.  Students are guided through breath work and asana in a slower style focusing on the basics of yoga and alignment.  A great class to learn the poses as well as deepen your practice.  All Levels

Flow Yoga

The word Vinyasa means "breath-synchronized movement" and is a practice where postures or asanas are connected through the breath for a transformative and balancing effect.  This class will build heat, endurance and flexibility and is a continuing evolution of movement, music and meditation.  This energizing flow style of yoga allows for a lot of variety of poses that stretch the body, leaving you feeling energized and balanced!  Plenty of opportunity to advance your practice or use the modifications to follow your own path to progress.  All Levels. 

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a practice in which poses are held for longer periods (3-5 minutes) allowing for the gentle release of joints, connective tissues (fascia), tendons and ligaments.  A meditative practice, students are guided through a series of 5-8 poses during each class while using bolsters, blocks and blankets to help aid in the relaxation and release.  A GREAT class for all - from students with limited mobility to those who practice on a regular basis.  Our Thursday  8:45am Yin Yoga Class also offers Thai Yoga.

Candlelight Restorative Yoga  

Restorative Yoga is designed to help calm the nervous system while helping to release deeply held body tension.  Props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets are used to gently stretch and release tight muscles all while you relax and renew your body and mind.  A wonderful class for all levels.  

Slow Stretch 

Easy like a Sunday Morning! Practice begins with warming stretches (with straps, bolsters, balls and foam rollers) in preparation for a series of gentle flowing standing poses. This specially designed yoga sequence will cultivate a deeply grounded presence through a sweet, gentle approach as you focus on the seamless marriage of breath & movement! So Good!   Students of all levels welcome.

Yoga Sculpt

Also known as Yoga with Weights, Yoga Sculpt Class is a great way to tighten and tone the body all while practicing the basic yoga postures.  3 - 5lbs is all you'll need to feel energized and fit.  Although this class is all levels, we recommend new students have a few Gentle/Beginner Classes under their belt prior to taking this class.




Movement Lab

Unlock your body's potential with our very own Movement Lab.  Each week we will focus on a different mobility-stretch class-style that is designed to help you become more flexible in body and mind.  You will feel more functionally mobile and also more capable to deal with the physical and mental demands of life. Part therapeutic part recovery this 1 hour class is a MUST to add to your yoga/fitness practice - helping to keep you injury free! Below are the descriptions of the styles of class we will explore: 

Soma: the body as perceived from within. Learn to re-educate the body to move freely and painlessly. In this movement therapy class you will learn to unlock chronic pain and tension patterns in the body through gentle/mindful movements - all while comfortable on the floor. You will experience a flexibility and freedom and an profound sense of relaxation. 

PNF Stretching - (Proprioceptive Muscular Facilitation) is one of the most effective forms of flexibility training for increasing rage of motion.  Performed mostly seated and/or reclined, PNF stretching usually involves a 10 second push phase followed by a 10 second relaxation phase, repeated a few times.  

Fascial Stretch/Training - Many injuries are fascial (connective tissue) related and not muscular.  In fascial stretch class we will train the fascia to prevent and repair damage, build elasticity and bring resilience back to the body.  We will explore the body's flexibility with different types of equipment including:  wooden dowels, Therabands, light dumbbells, balls and chairs.  This fascial training and stretch class will help restore your posture and function, steer small (movement) problems away from developing into big ones later in life, ease the long-term consequences from injury and extend functional movement as you age!



MovUnlimited® is a class designed for yogis and athletes alike looking to increase overall strength, endurance and stamina for their yoga practice/workout. Each week the class will focus on the 4 principles of fascial fitness that is meant to improve overall performance and mobility. These movements are ones that we perform in our everyday lives - think carrying groceries, lifting a child, reaching for something overhead. Because of our more sedentary lives, these functional/mobility movements that we as humans we are designed to perform aren't necessarily performed with correct body mechanics and strength. MovUnlimited® is specifically designed to vary the workout with different movements, repetitions and timing to help you to become stronger, prevent plateau and injuries. Athletes of all levels will benefit from this functional movement yoga class. A GREAT class for Athletes who tend to shy away from Yoga Classes and also GREAT for Yogis who shy away from fitness classes!



Barre Fitness

Get ready to have FUN!  Barre Fitness Classes are a fusion of Pilates, Yoga and dance (although we do not get too dancey!).  Barre Fitness is one of the fastest ways to see tone results.  Each class begins with a warm up, then we move on the light weights for upper body.  Moving onto the Barre, we work on lower body through non-impact cardio movements that are sure to get your heart pumping!  Abdominal floor work is next and then we finish with some gentle stretching!  Set to upbeat, fun music - this class is a favorite!!!


BarreCore: We've taken the Barre class you already love and combined it with the precision of Pilates moves. BarreCore integrates the fat burning format of interval training with the muscle shaping isometrics of Pilates based moves. During this 60 minute class we'll concentrate on strengthening and stabilizing the core using weights, balls and bands. The combination of barre and mat work will leave you with sculpted arms, legs, glutes and of course.....a toned core!  All Levels. Pre-Registration Required 


Workout and have a BLAST at the same time by jumping on our JumpSport Trampolines! JumpLIFTJump is interval training at it's BEST!  We warm-up, then get into some HIGH intensity Jumps for 6 minutes, followed by 3-4 minutes of weight training with dumbbells and body bars. we cycle through Jumping and lifting 3 incredible times!  We finish off with an amazing cool down!  Each JumpFit Circuit Class is a high-energy, low impact adrenaline rush! Top it off with our hanging resistance bands that will burn calories, sculpt muscles and increase balance and agility. 45 minutes - no-tread sneakers optional.


Surf Fit

Did you know that surfers have some of the most fit bodies out there?  Surf-fit takes surfing but brings it indoors.  "Surfers" practice on simulation boards that mimic the feel of being out on the waves.  A total CORE workout, you will leave feeling worked out and balanced!  We offer Surf-Fit Core - targeting the core muscles, Surf-Fit Blend - a blend of cardio, core, strength and stretch AND Surf - Turf & Circuit - a mix if Surfboard fun with Circuit training.  You've NEVER tried anything like it!


Strength & Core

More than just looks, a strong core contributes to overall body strength and stability.  This 45 minute class has a 'cut to the core' philosophy - firming up transverse obliques and rectus abdominis!  No warmup needed so be ready to work!




Yoga Fusion

A fusion of yoga & pilates that incorporates strength, versatility, flexibility and precision of movement into one dynamic class.  This functional and cardiovascular flow uses props like light toning balls, pilates rings and elastic bands that will help you to create a stronger, leaner body, improve posture and create a peaceful mind.  All levels.






MetCon stands for Metabolic Conditioning - this is a fast-paced workout completed in a short period of time (no more than 30 minutes) that challenges your cardiovascular capacity and puts your metabolism into overdrive so you burn more fat. You will perform repeated and/or high sustained exercises that usually involve weights (think dumbbells and kettlebells) and/or your own body weight with short rests in between. You will begin with a 3-5 minute warm up, followed by 20-30 minutes of Metabolic Conditioning and finish with a 5-7 minute stretch and cool down. Class is approx. 45 minutes in length. Each participant is encouraged to work within their own levels of fitness. This class produces fast results and is only recommended once per week....we encourage those who participate in MetCon Classes to add yoga and/or stretching into their fitness regime.  WEAR indoor Sneakers!


Group Total Conditioning

In this subset of Personal Training, participants can get an amazing intense workout in a small group setting. This 45 minute class provides great instruction along with a small group to help encourage each other to work as hard as you can! A great way to help tone your body as well as getting personal direction from our Fuse Training Coach to ensure you are using the right movements that are best for you. All Levels. Wear sneakers.



Beginning Sun. April 16th Danielle will be teaching a 1 hour Outdoor BootCamp at Fuse (8am - we'll take it indoors if raining). In this 6 week session you'll get fit, get healthy, have fun just in time for summer! Challenge your body and mind with our specially designed BootCamp Classes! BattleRopes, tires, platforms...(and more) will combine strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core and functional movement'll get everything you'll need in one class! $90/6 week session - $20 drop in