The program is working like a charm! I could not recommend Nicole more! Thank you so much!
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Holistic Pain Management Program

Over 100 million Americans live with chronic pain and the effects can be devastating:  increased hospitalizations, decrease ability to function, inability to work and depression.

At Fuse our goal is to create an integrative/holistic pain management program for those struggling with chronic pain that incorporates health-promoting practices such as Fascial Training, Thai Yoga, healthy lifestyle training, mind-body practices (reiki and breathing techniques), kinesiology taping and corrective exercise strategies.  

Sessions are 60 minutes and are specific to each clients pain/movement challenges.  (Clients participating in the HPMP Program will receive a complimentary posture screen and movement analysis during their initial session). Each session includes fascial training, corrective exercises and mind-body practices such as somatic movement and breathing exercises.  Clients will also receive movement exercises to practice at home.  Although all clients will benefit from initial session, most clients may see better results after multiple sessions.  

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