Fuse Concierge Service


What is the Fuse Concierge Service?  

It's our Complimentary (FREE) Personalized Yoga & Fitness Service that tailors our programming/classes to YOUR specific wellness goals.

Whether your looking to become healthier, lose weight, reduce stress, recovering from an injury/illness or just looking to feel and move better in your body, our Concierge Service is for you.

Sign up below to schedule your in person or online consultation where we'll work together to develop:

1.  An attainable workout/practice plan that works with YOUR schedule, your personality and your specific health goals.  

2.  Priority scheduling.  We'll work with you to provide you first choice in classes and workshops - no more being put on waitlists. We'll even schedule YOUR classes and send you a detailed workout calendar each month.  

3.  Online access (via email) to customized exercise programs, online articles and video's for you to practice at home or while on vacation.

4.  Monthly check-in's (email, face-to-face or via phone call) with your "coach" to make sure you are staying on target. 


To sign up for this Complimentary Program please fill out the form below and we'll contact you within a few days!

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