Private training can benefit all student levels.


Movement RX:  Private Fascial Fitness Training:  This program is for anyone seeking rehabilitation, athletic performance, joint health and mobility, pain relief.  What some consider to be the fountain of youth for movement - Fascial Training is great for those looking to ease the long-term consequences of surgery/injury and extend functional movement as you age!  Many injuries are fascial (connective tissue) related and not muscular in nature.  In a Fascial Training Sessions we will train the fascia to prevent and repair damage, build elasticity and bring resilience back to your body.  We will explore how to increase your body's flexibility with different types of equipment including:  Wooden dowels, Therabands, light dumbbells, balls and chairs.  Private Fascial Training will help restore your posture and your body's function, steer small body movement issues away from developing into big ones later in life.   Nicole is one of the few Certified Master Fascial Fitness Trainers in the US.  She has studied with the leaders in fascial research, Dr. Robert Schleip, the Director of the Fascia Research Group at ULM University in Germany and Movement Expert Divo Muller.  Nicole is currently on target to receive her Master Fascial Fitness Certification through the Somatics Academy in Germany.  



Private Yoga Training:  For beginning students, time spent one on one will ensure that postures are performed safely at your optimal level and in alignment with your individual body, right from the start.  Our bodies need different things depending on our biomechanics, injuries and imbalances.  Every body is different!  Not all postures should look the same for everybody, as we are all created differently.  A personal yoga training session will individualize yoga for you, and make future classes you take more beneficial.

For more advanced students the private yoga training session is also very beneficial.  Sometimes we find ourselves in habits of alignment that are not always healthy.  Although this will be pointed out to you in group classes, private training allows us to look more closely at your body, recommending a tailored approach to each pose.  It is also a fantastic experience to receive assists in each and every posture!  Even the most experienced yoga students – and instructors – can benefit from an alignment refresher such as this.  Feel yourself getting deeper into each posture with the help of your instructor, and work on specific areas that you find most challenging.

Private and Semi-private sessions are available.


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